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Aura Manifestation

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I’ve never done this before for you, FIRSTNAME

This strange reading will SAVE your life, FIRSTNAME


If I hadn't received this priority directive from on "High", I never would have dared transgress an ancestral rule to your place under the most impenetrable, but also the most confidential, protections that there are.

Here is the tool I use on myself to keep me safe from particularly evil waves.

And since I have the blessing to do so, I will even go further to protect the eternal happiness that will soon illuminate your new life.

It is a big first for me and I am delighted to do so in your favor, FIRSTNAME. But it is at this moment, or it will unfortunately turn into nothing.

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Subject Lines:

😇 An Aura Reading For FIRSTNAME

🔮 An important message from your guide, FIRSTNAME

😇 Your complimentary aura reading, FIRSTNAME

Hear me out FIRSTNAME, I have urgent revelations for you, but first I would like to offer my friendship and compassion to you. This is because I feel particularly connected to you – a unique being and I am thrilled to be able to help you.

I studied your case and I knew something was different and immediately made you my top priority. You have found a guide who can help you to improve your life and make your deepest wishes come true.

My first step is always the same: I established an auric-telepathic connection with you and was able to sense your rare and charming personality. Here is what I found:

  • The next 6 months will be crucial to your development as a healthy and wealthy person – that’s why you need to see this reading I wrote about you.
  • Deep in your reading, I see a sign that shows a great beginning – particularly in the financial aspect – and now is the time to take advantage of it.

I take pride in my near-unmatched accuracy in my readings and predictions. That means that when I tell you I see good things in your future, I’m certain of that also.

With that said, please access your Aura Reading here inspired by Fortune.


Warning: This reading is not for the faint-hearted. Be prepare to take action or you’ll let an incredible opportunity slip right past you. See your reading here.

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Subject Lines:

The truth about your future, FIRSTNAME

I have a shocking secret to expose to you, FIRSTNAME

Urgent: By This Evening


During my meditation retreat, something strange happened. A file record dropped right beside me and it contains YOUR NAME.

With this strange phenomenon ongoing, I’ve decided to check in on you and I have also been checking your Aura Cards and they have revealed that this has a lot of significance for you!

The cards told me that you have some powerful energies influencing you and preventing you from becoming your ideal self. I believe this has a lot to do with your aura configurations.

I have foreseen that you have some amazing potential and that you are so close to unlocking the door to success and happiness! It is important however, that you become more aware about who you are and what is happening in the coming months.

You need knowledge and by missing out on this means slipping past positive opportunities and the chance at avoiding some of the events blocking you from getting what you most desire!

If you want to know how to turn take advantage of your aura, check the link below:

Access My Aura Reading Here.


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Subject Lines:

A Reading Prepared For You - By A Professional Psychic

Someone told me about you and it's urgent!

I've gotten a concerning message specifically about you, FIRSTNAME


I’ve received a call from my friend and the scary thing is, it’s about you.

When she knew it involved you, she cancelled all her other consultations and decided to devote her time into following your case. And there’s a good reason for that.

Here’s what she told me: “An incredible opportunity for change is opening up to FIRSTNAME with a financial sum at stake. I have found the solution that can remove the virulent negative energies imprisoning FIRSTNAME.”

This is crucial information for you and she believes nothing can get in your way when you see what her Aura Reading can do for you.

So, FIRSTNAME, go here to see your important revelations now.


Email Swipe 5

Subject Lines:

An aura guide/psychic at your service!

Your name is specifically on her list, FIRSTNAME

Don't wait, act now... FIRSTNAME


I recently attended an online conference that dealt with daily care for our energy fields. I was astounded to learn that many ailments can occur when we lower our guard and allow evil vibrations to be attached to us.

There was a psychic intuitive there, an expert I already spoke about, Mary Osborne, Aura Guide for years and renowned medium.

She opened my eyes on how important it is to cleanse our aura and understand each and every single color. As I was reflecting on everything she had taught me, I thought of you.

Why don't you also take advantage of her experience to eliminate evil forces and transform painful energy in a positive way?

With a healthy and vibrant aura, you could break free from your blockages and aspire to fortune and happiness. Why not try Mary's sensory experience with her free reading? Having seen her at work, I can only recommend her!

She will be able to answer your doubts and soothe your anxiety.

See for yourself in her free reading!